Wrestling Upsets That Left Fans Shocked And Confused!

Wrestling Upsets That Left Fans Shocked And Confused! Read More

When It Comes To Upsets In Wrestling Every Generation Has A Match Or Two That Will Always Be Remembered And Talked For Years. These Are Those Matches! Read More

1. The Kid (Sean Waltman) Pulls Off An Amazing Wrestling Upset Over Razor Ramon Read More

"Trying To Leave The Arena In A Cab They Almost Got Lynched By Around 50 People!" 2. The Epic Title Reign Of Bruno Sammartino Is Cut Short By "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff Read More

3. The Iron Sheik Wins The Wwf Title From Bob Backlund – A Wrestling Upset That Left Fans “Outraged And Confused.” Read More

4. “Wildfire” Tommy Rich Pulls Off One Of The Most Memorable Wrestling Upsets By Defeating Harley Race Read More

This Next One Was One Of The Most Surprising Wrestling Upsets In The History Of Professional Wrestling. Fans Were Left Shocked And Confused! Read More

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