Wrestling Territory Star: ‘No. 1’ Paul Jones

Wrestling Territory Star: ‘ No. 1’ Paul Jones Read More

It’S Important To Remember That Paul Jones Whose Real Name Was Paul Frederik Was Also A Standout Wrestler In His Day. Read More

First Trained In His Native Texas By Houston Promoter Paul Boesch Jones Broke In With A Stint Underneath For Big Time Wrestling — The Promotion That Would Eventually Become World Class. Read More

In 1965 Paul Jones Left For Australia Working As “Al Fredericks” For Promoter Jim Barnett For Nearly Two Years. Read More

In 1969 He Formed A Partnership With Nelson Royal And Won The Americas Tag Team Title (The Precursor To The Wwa “World” Tag Team Titles). Read More

He Worked Again In Florida–This Time As A Top Heel–And Captured Every Singles Title In The Promotion Which Led To His Gimmick As “No. 1 Paul Jones.” Read More

By The Time The World Got To See Paul Jones In The Mid-1980S He Was A Shell Of His Former Self. Read More

A Funny Story From Around This Time: As The Leader Of The "Paul Jones Army" He Trimmed His Mustache A Little Narrower Each Week. When The Booker Caught On Jones Was Asked To Stop As He Was Beginning To Look A Bit Too Much Like A German Dictator From The Past! Read More

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