Wrestlers Whose Names Were Total Ribs!

Wrestlers Whose Names Were Total Ribs! Read More

Were These Names Chosen Out Of Spite From The Powers That Be? One Thing Is For Sure: This Type Of Rib Has Happened More Than Fans May Realize! Read More

1. Akeem “The African Dream” He Was Often Billed As Akeem “The African Dream” As A Jibe At Then-Nwa Megastar “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. Read More

2. Virgil / Vincent / Shane The Initial Idea For The Name Virgil Came From Bobby Heenan As A Jab To The Then-Wcw Wrestler And Booker Dusty Rhodes Whose Real Name Was Virgil Runnels. Read More

3. V.K. Wallstreet The Initials V.K. Were Of Course An Allusion To Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon. Commentator Eric Bischoff Would Often Rib Rotunda On Air By Asking What It Stood For. Read More

4. Freddie Joe Floyd In Tracy Smothers’S Case He Would Be Repackaged As Freddie Joe Floyd – A Rib Of The Brisco Brothers Whose Real Names Are Freddie Joe Brisco And Floyd Brisco Respectively. Read More

5. Creative Control Wcw Was Always Insistent At Poking Fun At The Wwf With A Notable Example Being The Naming Behind The Tag Team Creative Control. Read More

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