Wrestlers Who Had Heroic Acts Of Bravery Outside Of The Ring

Wrestlers Who Had Heroic Acts Of Bravery Outside Of The Ring Read More

These Are The Stories Of Four Courageous Wrestling Heroes Who Saved Others Even When It Meant Putting Their Own Lives In Danger. Read More

Through Each Of The Stories Shared Here On These Wrestling Heroes A Commonality Appears As A Selfless Act Of Significance. Read More

1. Harry Smith Aka Davey Boy Smith Jr. "With People On The Ground Waving Her Not To Jump" Smith Described "I Decided To Grab Hold Of Her And Not Take Any Chances. She Started To Slide..." Read More

2. Perry Saturn And His Brave Act Of Heroism: "Saturn Intervenes Saving A Woman From The Hands Of Two Men And What Does He Get? Shot Twice." Read More

3. Chris Adonis (Fka Chris Masters) "I Grabbed Her Scooped Her Out And Pulled Her Away From The Whole Scene." Read More

4. Bam Bam Bigelow Rescues 3 Children From Fire "I Was Coming Home From Japan On An Ecw Trip. It Was About 3:30 A.M. And I Was Turning Onto My Block When I Realized There Was A Fire. I Heard Kids Crying; The Whole Upstairs Was On Fire. I Ran Through A Built Wall – Two-By-Fours And Everything." Read More

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