Wrestler Movie Appearances That May Surprise You!

Wrestler Movie Appearances That May Surprise You! Read More

Most Of Us Know Of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘S Blockbusters Roddy Piper In John Carpenter’S They Live And Dave Bautista‘S Recurring Role As Drax In The Guardians Of The Galaxy Franchise. However Plenty Of Other Wrestler Movie Appearances Often Fall Under The Radar! Read More

Abdullah The Butcher “Abby” As He Is Affectionately Called Has Wandering Eyes That Lock In On An Opponent Not In Simple Observance But Like A Flesh-Eating Monster Assessing His Prey. Read More

Abdullah The Butcher Plays A Former Enemy Later Turned Ally Who Helps The Hero Hiroyuki Sanada Face His Foes. Roaring Fire (1981) Read More

Jesse Ventura Ventura Was One Of “The Boys” Who Dared Speak Up And Pushed For The Need For A Union In Wrestling That Would Seek Health Care And Retirement Benefits For All Performers. Read More

The Running Man (1987) In The Running Man Ventura Plays A Character Similar In Personality To His Wrestling Persona. When He Speaks You Darn Well Better Listen. Read More

Big John Studd He Was Executioner #2 One-Half Of The Masked Executioners Alongside His Mentor Killer Kowalski. Captain Lou Albano Successfully Led Them To Championship Gold In May Of 1976. Read More

In 1991 The Intimidating Big John Studd Plays Jack Daniels And Is Alongside Giancarlo Esposito (Of Breaking Bad Fame) In Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man. "It Was A Catastrophic Financial Disaster!" Read More

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