Useful Features Which Are Not On Threads App

Unbeknownst To Threads App Users There Are Valuable Features That They May Not Be Aware Of

The Threads App Has Been Launched By Facebook Ceo Zuckerberg Which Is Being Referred To As A Copy Of Twitter Find Out More

You Are Unable To Make Any Edits To Your Posts On Threads App At The Moment However There Is A Possibility That We Will Introduce This Feature In Future Updates For Further Details Please Stay Tuned

Threads App Is Currently Exclusive To Mobile Users To Switch Accounts You Must First Log Out And Then You Can Switch To Another One Find Out More About This Feature

Cant Even Use Hashtags In This App Right Now Within A Few Hours Millions Of Users Had Signed Up In This App Know More

The Search Function Can Exclusively Be Utilized For Searching Accounts Rather Than Searching Content Learn More

Just Like On Twitter Users Without Verified Badges Can Only Use 280 Words For Their Posts While Those With Verified Badges Can Use Up To 4000 Words Learn More

In The Same Way Users Can Use Only 500 Words In Threads App And That Too For Free Know More

You Can Use Only 10 Items In Threads Whenever You Are Making A Carousel Know More

Only By Linking Your Instagram Account To Your Threads Account Will You Be Able To Sign Up For The App Learn More

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