Unforgettable Andre The Giant Encounters With Fans

Unforgettable Andre The Giant Encounters With Fans Read More

There Is No Other Wrestler Or Performer Of The Squared Circle That Has Historically Commanded Such Attention As André Roussimof Better Known Worldwide As The Eighth Wonder Of The World: André The Giant. Read More

"The Sight Of Standing In Front Of A 7’4" 400 Lbs Giant Of A Man Is Something I Will Remember Until My Last Day." Read More

"I Will Never Forget The Handshake; His Hand Was Ginormous." Read More

"That Little Kid That Was In Tears André The Giant Made His Day…" Read More

"...He Put His Left Hand On My Right Shoulder Right After I Took His Picture. His Hand Covered It And I Would’Ve Been Crippled If He’D Decided To Really Squeeze Hard." Read More

"André Was Nice In A Bit Of A Hurry. No Time To Say Hello Or Anything Like That But He Gave Me A Head Nod And Acknowledged Me." Read More

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