Undertaker And Brock Lesnar: The Truth Behind Ending The Streak

Undertaker And Brock Lesnar The Truth Behind Ending The Streak Read More

Wrestlemania 30 Was Significant For Several Reasons. But For Wrestling Fans It Is Most Remembered For What Occurred At The End Of The Undertaker And Brock Lesnar Match. Read More

Here Is How One Of The Most Shocking Moments In The Modern Era Of Wrestling Unfolded Behind The Scenes. It’S A Visual That Will Be Etched In The Minds Of Wrestling Fans Forever. Read More

The Beast Incarnate Became The 1 In 21-1. He Ate Slept Conquered And Then Most Certainly Hit The Repeat Button. Lesnar Has Been Kicking A** And Taking Names Ever Since. Read More

The Legacy Of Undertaker’S Undefeated Streak At Wrestlemania Randy Orton: "I Think That Was Wrong And I Think Everyone Would Agree With Me With The Exception Of Paul Heyman And Brock Lesnar." Read More

Things Go Wrong At Wrestlemania 30 Undertaker: "I Don’T Even Remember This Night. My Last Memory I Can Definitively Tell You Happened At About 3:30 In The Afternoon." Read More

Paul Heyman: "There’S Only A Very Select People That Understand What Happened That Night. The Referee Is Not One Of Them. The Music Guy Is Not One Of Them." Read More

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