Tragic End Of The Titan: Last Hours Of The Passengers

By Nandini Sharma

On June 22 The Submersible Titan Owned By Oceangate Expeditions Tragically Imploded Leading To The Unfortunate Demise Of Five Passengers

Christine The Wife Of Shahzada Dawood 58 And The Mother Of Suleman 19 Shares Their Account Of The Final Hours Leading To The Fatal Outcome

Passajeroj Spertis Tutan Mallumon Dum Siaj Lastaj Momentoj Dum Ili Aŭskultis Sian Plej Ŝatatan Muzikon

Oceangateın Yolculara Bluetooth Ile Müzik Dinlemek Için Tercih Ettikleri Şarkıları Getirmelerini Teşvik Ettiği Görüntü Kredisi Google

The Decision To Conserve Energy During Descent Explains The Absence Of Light

The Possibility Of Encountering Luminescent Creatures During The Journey Image Credit Google

The Passengers Were Probably Unaware Of The Impending Disaster And Met Their Demise Instantly

Shahzada Dawood Was Excited About The Expedition And Convinced His Wife To Join But She Couldnt Due To The Pandemic

Suleman Took His Mothers Place In The Submersible And Planned To Solve A Rubiks Cube Underwater For A World Record

Participants Received Lectures And Instructions Including Following A Lowresidue Diet And Abstaining From Coffee Before The Descent

Stephen A Smiths Touching Salute To Departing Espn Stars Thanks For Watching For More Click Below See More