Top 10 Greatest Skateboarders Of All Time Ranking 2022

He Was Born In Los Angeles And Started Skateboarding When He Was 13 Years Old

Chris Cole Was Born On March 10 1982

He Was Named The Skater Of The Year By Thrasher Magazine In 2006 And Is Considered To Be One Of The Highest Honors In Skateboarding

Lance Mountain Is One Of The 30 Most Influential Skateboarders Of All Time

He Was One Of The Most Influential Skateboarders Of All Time According To Foxweekly

Danny Way Tried Various Stunts With His Skateboard Such As Jumping Into A Skateboard Ramp From A Helicopter And Jumping The Great Wall Of China

Eric Koston Is An American Professional Skateboarder And Company Owner

Bob Burnquist Was The Fifth Person In History To Complete The 900 Tricks