Top 10 Best Car Racing Movies Of All

Chris Hemsworth Is A Bad Boy Driver In A Mclaren Car

The Use Of Actual Footage During The 1970 Le Man Race Is One Of The Things Guaranteed To Thrill Audiences

The Case Romance Adds To The Plot Making The Tale Much More Human

The Romance Arcs Of The Drivers Are Full Of Tropes But The Racing Movie Makes Up For That With Superb Camera Work During The Races

Background Information Is Given For Some Of The Characters In The Fast And The Furious

Its Easy To See Why The Steve Mcqueen Movie Is Popular With Racing Fans As It Has One Of The Best Car Chases In The World

Most Formula One Fans Are Still Hopeful For An Actual Feature Film About The Driver

Since Its An Animated Movie About Talking Cars Real Petrolheads Might Be Frustrated By The Lack Of Dialogue