Tito Santana And Rick Martel: The Rise And Demise Of Strike Force

Tito Santana And Rick Martel: The Rise And Demise Of Strike Force Read More

Read More After A Heated Departure Of His Then-Tag Team Partner Tom Zenk From The Wwf In 1987 Rick Martel Would Find Great Success Teaming With Tito Santana In The Form Of The Tag Team Strike Force.

Strike Force Got Their Official Start As A Tag Team In The Then-Wwf In July Of 1987 But It Was Five Years Earlier On August 29 1982 When Tito Santana And Rick Martel Teamed Up For The First Time. Read More

Martel And Santana Came Up Short In That Battle After Brunzell Pinned Santana. Despite The Loss In Their First Attempt As A Team They Would Find Great Success Just Half A Decade Later. Read More

The Name Strike Force Came From Santana’S Promise That As A Team They Would "Be Striking (The Islanders) With Force." Martel Immediately Came Up With The Team’S Name Based On This. Read More

Rick Martel: “Tito’S Attitude Compared To The Other A**Hole Was Like 'Man What A Dream!'” Read More

Tito Santana: “To Team Up With Somebody As Good As Rick Martel And The Chemistry We Had Together It Was An Enjoyable Night Every Time We Went Out.” Read More

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