The Tragedy Of Wrestler

The Tragedy Of Wrestler "Crush" Brian Adams Read More

Hailing From Kona Hawaii “Crush” Brian Adams Was A Dominant Force Who Underwent Many Striking Transformations Over His 17-Year Career. Read More

Crush Was Brought In As A Substitute For Ax In Legendary Tag Dream Demolition To Defend The Titles With Smash While Ax Battled Through Some Health Issues. Axe Em! Smash Em! Crush Em! Crush In Demolition Read More

They Were The Top Tag Team In The Height Of The Hulkamania Era Though By The Time Crush Entered Their Story Those Glory Days Were Behind Them. Read More

The Kona Crush Character Was For All Intents And Purposes The Living Embodiment Of The New Generation Era Of The Wwf. Tropic Storm: A Hero Named Kona Crush Emerges! Read More

Vince Was Giving Him A Pretty Big Face Push Entirely Because He Was Huge And There Was Next To No One Left On His Depleted Roster. Read More

After Retiring From The Ring He Worked As A Bodyguard For "Macho Man" Randy Savage And Was Excited About Opening A Fitness Spa Alongside Marc Mero In Florida. Instead Sadly Tragedy Struck. Swipe Up!

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