The Top Female Social Influencers Of The Moment

The Top Female Social Commentators Of The Moment

10 Nikkie The Hunter Instagram 152 Mllion Tik Tok 44 Million Tweet 22 Million

9 Andrea Russett Instagram 51 Million Tiktok 15 Million Twitter 69 Million

8 Addison Rae Instagram 401M Tiktok 854M Twitter 48M

7 Kim Kardashian Instagram 261M Tiktok Na Twitter 70M

6 Christina Najjar Instagram 339K Tiktok 14M Twitter 6K

Chiara Ferragni Has 2535 Million Followers On Her Social Media Accounts

There Are Over 14 Million Followers On The Social Media Accounts Of The Person Including 87 Million On Facebook And 4602Kc On Twitter

Charli Damelio Has 4461 Million Followers On Her Social Media Accounts

1 Estée Lalonde Instagram 712K Youtube 112 Million Twitter 2344K