The Time Vince Mcmahon And Kofi Kingston Got Into A Fight

The Time Vince Mcmahon And Kofi Kingston Got Into A Fight! Read More

In The Leadup To Wrestlemania 26 John Cena Kofi Kingston And Chris Jericho Were Sharing A Ride With Vince Mcmahon On His Private Jet. Read More

Drinks Flowed For The Entire Four-Hour Journey When Mcmahon Made An Unfair Comment To Kofi. A Real-Life Scuffle Between The Two On The Airport Tarmac Would Ensue From There. Read More

Chris Jericho Opened Up About What Happened After Vince Mcmahon Made Some Disparaging Comments To Kofi Kingston After A 4-Hour Jack Daniels-Infused Private Jet Journey: Read More

Chris Jericho: "The Plane Pulled Up On The Tarmac And We Stayed Aboard For A Few Extra Minutes To Finish Up Our Drinks." Read More

Chris Jericho: "Kofi Got Up To Leave And Vince Made Some Sort Of A Jokey Comment Along The Lines Of "Maybe You’Ll Get Over One Of These Days." Read More

Chris Jericho: "I Told Kofi 'You Have To Go Back On The Plane And Challenge Him To A Fight Right Now. If You Don’T He’Ll Know He Can Walk All Over You Whenever He Wants!'" Read More

"Kofi Piped Up And Said With Some Big-Boy Bass In His Voice ' Vince Do You Have A Problem With Me?' Vince Looked At Him In Surprise As Kofi Repeated The Question. Read More

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