The Secret Life Of

The Secret Life Of "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes Read More

Read More Through These Stories You’Ll Learn A Different Side Of The American Dream. As It Turns Out His Bigger-Than-Life Persona Wasn’T Just Saved For The Cameras!

1. Gary Hart: "I Was Most Taken With Dusty'S Charisma And Energy." Gary Hart Who Has Been Credited With Bringing Dusty Rhodes To The Forefront Of The Pro Wrestling Scene Over Forty Years Ago Had A Lot To Say About Meeting Rhodes For The First Time Back In 1968! Read More

"People Talk About Our Business Being Entertainment. People Talk About Our Business Being A Work. But For That Moment That One Moment [To Win The Championship] It Almost Takes Your Breath Away…" 2. Dusty Rhodes On His Time As A Wrestler Read More

"In 1974 Talking With The Late Great Gordon Solie Down In Florida. And I Said One Day ‘I’M The American Dream Dusty Rhodes’ Not Thinking What Was Going To Happen. I’Ve Become The American Dream For The Common Man The Common Folk." 3. Dusty On Becoming "The American Dream" Read More

4. Dusty Rhodes The Storyteller Tom Prichard: "Dusty Rhodes Tells A Story With Passion And Adds Enough Spice To Give It A Unique Flavor All Its Own." Read More

5. Dusty Rhodes Had A Donkey Named Zeb "He Could Take A Handkerchief Off His Back Leg And Untie It. He Could Kneel Down And Bow. And He Was A Rodeo Donkey." Read More

6. Dusty Rhodes On One Of His Top Three Career Highlights: “This Might Surprise Some People But It Was When Dallas Page Won The Wcw Heavyweight Title. The Coach In Me Made It One Of My Proudest Moments.” Read More

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