The Customer Pays $16 For Mcdonald'S Combo Meal

The Customer Pays 16 For A Mcdonalds Combo Meal

He Wrote About It Because He Was Shocked To See The Total Price Of His Mcdonalds Lunch

He Posted A Video Of His Food On Tiktok

White Frame Corner Was A Hit On The Internet

Tophers Order Was Captured On Camera And Included A Large Order Of Fries And A Drink

Inflation Is Still A Problem In The Food Market

Some People Pointed Out That He Ordered More Expensive Things

Tophers Film Has Been Seen Over 700000 Times But There Are Differing Opinions On It

16 For A Burger Large Fry And Drink Was Written By Topher

Just Insane Even Some Trolls On Tumblr Were Taken Aback One User Said White Frame Corner White Frame Corner Imagegoogle

White Frame Corner Is No Longer Practical Or Inexpensive

A Further Voice Said Might As Well Go To The Store And Buy Hamburger Meat

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