Terry Taylor And The Failed Red Rooster Gimmick

Terry Taylor And The Failed Red Rooster Gimmick Read More

Terry Taylor A Magnificent Territory Wrestler With A Truckload Of Gold To Prove It Was De-Feathered In The Prime Of His Career Saddled With A Gimmick No One Could Have Overcome. Read More

Read More Growing Up Terry Taylor Was A Massive Fan Of Championship Wrestling From Florida Owned And Operated By The Legendary Eddie Graham.

Although Wrestling Mostly As A Mid-Carder Taylor Picked Up His Third Title The Nwa National Television Title On August 22Nd Less Than Three Months After His Foray Into The Territory. Read More

Terry Taylor Made His Wwf Debut On July 10Th 1988 In A Losing Effort Against Tito Santana. Terry Taylor Train Derails After Joining The Wwf Read More

Bobby "The Brain" Heenan Described Taylor As Small Not Very Muscular And Limited Ability. It All Went Downhill From There... Read More

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