Surprsing Wwe Records Most Fans Don’T Know!

Surprising Wwe Records Most Fans Don’T Know! Read More

With No Offseason In Wwe Records Are Broken Every Year — Records Most Fans Aren’T Even Aware Of! Read More

Wwe Records – The Royal Rumble One Of The Most Popular Pay-Per-Views Across All Of Wrestling Is The Royal Rumble. The Rumble Has Always Been A Fan-Favorite. Read More

Kane Holds The Record For Most-Ever Royal Rumble Appearances With 20. He’S Been In Wwe For Over Two Decades And He’S Made A Lot Of History During That Time More Than Most May Realize. Most Ever Royal Rumble Appearances: Read More

Most Combined Eliminations In The Royal Rumble: Kane Has 46 Eliminations In The Royal Rumble Although Wwe Likes To Acknowledge It As 45. He Has One Elimination Under His Dentist Isaac Yankem Gimmick During The ’96 Rumble That Wwe Doesn’T Count. Read More

Most Ever Hell In A Cell Matches: The Popular Hell In A Cell Match Has Been Most Associated With The Undertaker So It’S Unsurprising To Learn That He Has The Most Matches Within The Structure At 14. Read More

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