Steve Blackman: Secret Tales On 'The Lethal Weapon'

Steve Blackman: Secret Tales On 'The Lethal Weapon' Read More

Steve Blackman Was One Of Wrestling’S True Tough Guys. Read More

He Went By The Nickname “The Lethal Weapon” But As These Stories Show He Is So Much More Than That! Read More

He Came To The Brink Of Death In South Africa. "The Day After I Got To South Africa I Started Getting Sick. And I Kept Getting Sicker. I Couldn’T Even Breathe." Read More

Steve Blackman Wasn’T Afraid To Respond To Bullying In A Way Only He Knew Best! Read More

Wwe Were In Between Shows At An Airport When Jbl Decided To Push Steve Blackman Onto The Moving Luggage Belt. Read More

Blackman Turned Around Unflustered And Planted A Crescent Kick Flush On Bradshaw’S Jaw Knocking Him Clean Out! Blackman Just Picked Up His Bag And Walked On! Read More

Swipe Up To Read His Full Shocking Story! Read More

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