Senator John Fetterman Rocks Hoodie And Shorts At Official Event

द्वारा नंदिनी शर्मा सेनेटर जॉन फैटरमैन खास अवसर पर हुडी और शॉर्ट्स पहने

Senator John Fetterman A Democrat Representing Pennsylvania Sported A Hoodie Shorts And Sneakers While Attending An Event Alongside President Biden And Governor Josh Shapiro In Philadelphia

Fettermans Casual Attire Including The Hoodie And Shorts Has Been A Recurring Choice For Official Functions

He Praised Bidens Achievements And Highlighted His Commitment To Infrastructure Mentioning Collapsed Bridges

Fetterman Introduced Rep Brendan Boyle As Congressman Boyle Bile During His Speech

Clay Travis Of Outkickcom Criticized Fettermans Speech Drawing A Negative Comparison To The Lincolndouglas Debates

Fettermans Office Did Not Provide A Comment On His Attire

Fetterman Has A History Of Wearing Casual Clothes Including Hoodies Both During His Time As Mayor And Senator

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