Secret Tale Behind The Rock And Hurricane Feud In 2003

Secret Tale Behind The Rock And Hurricane Feud In 2003 Read More

To Misquote The Great Bob Dylan: "This Is The Story Of The Hurricane A Man Who Beat A Megastar Named Dwayne!" Read More

That’S Right Folks. Once Upon A Time The Rock And The Hurricane Had A Match With The Hurricane Getting The 1-2-3 Over The Rock In The Middle Of The Ring! Read More

Our Tale Begins On February 24 2003 On Monday Night Raw Where A Battle Royal Was Held To Determine Who Would Become The Number One Contender For Triple H’S World Heavyweight Championship At Wrestlemania 19. Read More

"The Hurricane" Shane Helms: "I Eliminated Somebody And Then [The Rock] Came Over To Get Me And I Started Firing Back On Him. I Felt Good About That Moment But I Thought That Was Going To Be It.” Read More

But Vince Mcmahon Thought Otherwise! Read More

Swipe Up To Read The Shocking Story In Full! Read More

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