Secret History Of Steel Cages Matches In Pro Wrestling

Secret History Of Steel Cages Matches In Wrestling Read More

Throughout The Years The Premise Of "Lock Two People In A Ring With No Escape And Have Them Kick The Snot Out Of Each Other" Has Always Appealed To Wrestling Fans. Read More

Here Is The Secret History Of The Most Impressive Steel Cage Structures In Wrestling History! Read More

The First Steel Cage Match Officially On Record Was Between Jack Bloomfield And Count Rossi In Atlanta Georgia June 25Th 1937. The Chicken Wire Match Read More

It Was Around The 1960S That The Steel Cage As We Know It Today Took Shape Using A More Reinforced Structure That Resembled Actual Fencing. The Traditional Steel Cage Read More

Wwe’S Blue Bar Cage’S First Appearance Took Place On April 7 1986 At Wrestlemania 2. The Match Featured Hulk Hogan Vs. King Kong Bundy. The Blue/Black Bar Steel Cage Read More

Dusty Rhodes Came Up With The Premise Of The Wargames Match After Watching The Third Mad Max Movie "Beyond Thunderdome." The Wargames Cage Read More

The Premise Varies But Usually Involves Three Stacked Cages Of Different Sizes With Two Wrestlers Starting At The Top And Having To Fight Their Way To The Bottom. The Three Cage Steel Cage Match Read More

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