Rising Cyber Threats To Lookout For In 2023 - Latest Digital Transformation Trends

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Due To Rising Global Tensions Hacktivism Is Likely To Make A Comeback

There Are Supply Chain Related Breeches

Attackers Gain Access To A Companys Network Through Thirdparty Vendors Or Suppliers

As Technology Continues To Evolve So Too Do The Methods By Which The Youth Can Misuse It

We Expect An Increase In Illegal Activity By Teens And Young Adults

Codebased Attributions Accuracy Has Been Decreased

If Nothing Changes Traditional Attribution Methods Would Become Less Reliable

There Are Phishing Attacks

Businesses Are At Greater Risk Of Being Attacked By Phishing Attacks Which Could Spread To Common Communications Services And Applications

7Cryptomining Using Iot

Unless Proper Precautions Are Taken During The Production Stages The Trend Of Mining Vulnerable Iot Will Only Increase

Space Hacking

We Can Expect To See A Heightened Risk Of Cyber Attacks Targeting These Space Assets In The Years To Come

As The Technological World Continues To Grow The Potential For Malicious Attacks Increases

There Will Be More Attacks Against Windows In The Future

There Is A Component Of The Global Cybersecurity Landscape That Isgeopolitically Motivated Cyber Attacks