Rise And Fall Of Mid

Rise And Fall Of Mid-South Wrestling Association Read More

Much Like Other Promotions In That Part Of The Country Mid-South Wrestling Brought A Hard-Hitting Style Of Wrestling To Its Fans. Read More

Led By The Example Of The Irascible "Cowboy" Bill Watts The Ground And Pound Ethic Of The Roster Was Not Only A Key To Its Success But A Keystone To Its Legacy. Read More

Jim Ross In Mid-South With Jr On The Mic Mid-South Had The Voice It Needed To Put The Fans On The Edge Of Their Seats. Read More

Ted Dibiase Had Returned From A Short-Lived Run In The Wwf Just After Vince Mcmahon Jr. Had Taken Over The Promotion From His Father. Standout Mid-South Wrestling Stars Read More

Mid-South Wrestling Association Was One Of The Hottest Wrestling Promotions Of The 1980S Where Many Diamonds Of The Professional Wrestling Business Began Their Careers Or Passed Through Its Doors. Its Impact Was Felt Coast To Coast Until Its Demise In 1989 Leaving Many To Wonder What Could Have Been. Read More

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