Randy Savage And Road Warrior Hawk: Their Real

Randy Savage And Road Warrior Hawk: Their Real-Life Fights! Read More

Back In The '90S There Was Real Heat Between “Macho Man” Randy Savage And Road Warrior Hawk. These Two Wrestling Giants Would Get Into It On Two Separate Occasions. Read More

In 1996 At A New Japan Show Randy Savage Was Set To Have A Match And Was On His Way To The Ring When He Got Ambushed By Hawk Of The Road Warriors Backstage. Read More

According To Randy’S Brother Lanny Poffo: “Hawk Had A Mistaken Notion That My Brother Had Made A Pass At His Wife." Read More

Hawk Would Claim That He Beat Savage Up. However Former Wcw Manager Sonny Onoo Who Was There When The Incident Took Place In Japan Claims Otherwise. Read More

Sonny Onoo: "Randy Savage And Hawk Were Going At It. I Mean They Were Going At It. They Were Face To Face About To Go And The Music Hits And He’S Not Going Out." Read More

Stephanie Bellars Aka Gorgeous George Former Girlfriend And Wrestling Manager Of Randy Savage Tells A Different Story. Read More

Gorgeous George: “They Had The Urinals Ripping Off The Walls The Doors Oh Lord!” Read More

It Would Lead To A Costly Battle In Court And Hawk'S Wife Suffering Permanent Damage As A Result Of Their Second Altercation. Read More

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