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Books For Product Managers.  A Curated List. Books For Product Managers. A Curated List.

Meaningful: The Story Of Ideas That Fly -Bernadette Jewa This Book Tells You That Instead Of Working On The Item And Then Figuring Out How To Put Your Message Across To The Prospects You Should Reverse The Process. The Correct Process According To The Book Is To Speak With The Customers Understand Them See How They Work Identify What They Would Like To Have How That Would Seamlessly Fit Into Their  Routines And Impact Their Lives.

Naked Statistics – Stripping The Dread From The Data -Charles Wheelan A Great Resource To Brush Up Your Knowledge In Statistics Or For Those Who Need A Review Of The Basics As Well As For The Ones Who Want To Understand A Few Advanced Statistics Techniques. Plenty Of Real-Life Examples That Are Easy To Understand Make This Book A Worthwhile Read.

Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health Wealth And Happiness -Richard H. Thaler An Important Book That Explains The Decision-Making Process Of Humans Which Is Not Entirely Rational And How To Leverage That For The Good Of Society. The Author Rightly Got A Nobel Prize For This Path-Breaking Work In The Field Of Behavioral Economics.

To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others -Daniel H. Pink This Book Tries To Bridge And Extrapolate From The World Of Sales To Non-Sales Selling/ Influencing.It Manages To Club A Few Disparate Tips And Techniques In Easily Memorable And Coherent Categories.

Positioning:The Battle For Your Mindhow To Be Seen And Hear In The Overcrowded Market -Al Ries And Jack Trout In A World Filled With Tons Of Products And Companies Consumers Are Simply Overwhelmed With Choice. The Only Way To Truly Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace Which Is What Al Ries Refers To Throughout This Book Is To Establish A Position In Your Consumer'S Mind.

How To Speak Machine: Computational Thinking For The Rest Of Us -John Maeda This Book Is Definitely A Must Read For Everyone Interested In The Intersection Between Human Behavior And Technology. It Gives An Amazing Insight Into Basic Concepts In Computing And Design And Never Fails To Amaze The Reader.

Priceless: The Hidden Psychology Of Value -William Poundstone The Sheer Scope Of Applicability Makes It A Fun Read. One Can Read And Use This Book Almost Instantaneously In Everyday Life. The Vast Collection Of Real-Life Examples Case Studies Experiments And Business Applications Makes This More Of A Textbook More Than A Commercial Book!

Selling Blue Elephants: How To Make Great Products That People Want Before They Even Know They Want Them -Howard Moskowitz And Alex Gofman The Book Is About A Critical Subject  And Has Pioneers Of The Field As Co-Authors. The Approach The Authors Advocate Appears To Be Able To Dramatically Reduce The Risk For Companies That Are Trying To Get Their Offering Right Is Apt.