Paul Wight (Big Show): 5 Shocking Tales On Life As A Giant

Paul Wight (Big Show): 5 Shocking Tales On Life As A Giant Read More

Life Hasn’T Always Been Easy For Aew’S Paul Wight (Fka Big Show In Wwe). As These Stories Show There’S A Lot More To The Giant Than Meets The Eye! Read More

From A Young Age Big Show Was A Medical Phenomenon Suffering From Acromegaly A Hormonal Syndrome That Led To Andre The Giant‘S Passing In 1993. 1. The Big Show Paul Wight Opens Up About His Condition Read More

“I Was 6'2'' At Twelve. At Fourteen I Was 6'8''. It Was Nothing For Me In High School To Eat Four Big Macs Two Fish Sandwiches Two Large Fries And A Large Shake And Twenty Minutes Later Play A Basketball Game Like Nothing Was Wrong." Read More

"I Was Totally Cool With The Idea Of Wearing Gold Chains Dancing And Playing Up The Role But The Problem Was Me Kissing Another Woman On A Night Bess Was Sitting Backstage." 2. The Time He Had To Kiss A “Big Ho”! Read More

"Their Car Is Only Maybe Six Feet In Front Of Our Hood So I Gun The Cheeseburger At Them And Splatter It All Over Their Rear Window." 3. The Time Big Show Lost His Lunch Read More

4. Big Show Shares His Most Peculiar Bathroom Moments "The Bathroom Door Was About Half As Wide And A Foot Or So Shorter Than Regular Doors I Was Used To. The Bathroom Itself Was Maybe Six Feet By Five And A Half Feet With Both A Bathtub And A Toilet In It. To Call This Bathroom Small Is An Understatement. Read More

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