Owen Hart'S Death

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The Accident On May 23 1999 Hart Fell To His Death In Kansas City Missouri During The Over The Edge Pay-Per-View Event. Hart Was In The Process Of Being Lowered Via A Harness And Grapple Line Into The Ring From The Rafters Of Kemper Arena For A Booked Intercontinental Championship Match Against The Godfather. Read What Vince Mcmahon Had To Say About The Tragic Accident On Our Website. Read More

The Rescue Attempt Emts Worked On Owen For Many Minutes Before Transporting Him To The Hospital. Cpr Was Administered  To Try To Save His Life. Read More

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"He Was Hooked Up To A Make-Shift Contraption Which Included A Quick-Release Snap Shackle Clip Meant For The Sole Purpose Of Rigging Sailboats. The Hook That Was Practically The Equivalent Of A Paper Clip Released [Prematurely]…And Owen Fell…" Read More

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