Nikolai Volkoff: A Hero, A Legend, And My Friend

Nikolai Volkoff A Hero A Legend And My Friend Read More

As An Agent Radio And Tv Host And Film Producer Evan Ginzburg Always Savored Working With Nikolai Volkoff Who Became A Close Personal Friend. Read More

"Squeeze Nikolai Squeeze!" The Hollywood Fashion Plate Classy Freddie Blassie Shouted At His Young Protégé Nikolai Volkoff Circa 1974 On Then Wwwf Tv. Read More

The Camera Zoomed In On A Ripe Juicy Piece Of Fruit And The Powerhouse Effortlessly Made It Explode In His Bare Hand. Read More

Such Was The Raw Strength Of This Monster Heel Who Looked Like A Supervillain Straight Out Of Marvel Comics. Read More

"Amazingly Along The Way Volkoff Somehow Became My Dear Friend." Read More

"My Mom A Wrestling Fan Would Incredulously Say 'He’S Such A Nice Man' A Disconnect Between His Heel Tv Persona And The Person She Met On Many Occasions. And He Was. A Nice Man. A Beautiful Caring Man. And One Of The Few In This Business That Nobody Not A Single Soul Has Ever Said A Bad Word About." Read More

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