Most Beautiful Women in the World Top 10 - 2022

Jodie Comer

The British actress tops the list of the world's most attractive women. The percentages indicated that her likeness was, on average, 94.52% accurate.

Our favourite actress and model has a facial accuracy of 94.37 percent. The stunning American woman of 26 years old comes in at number two.


The most stunningly gorgeous face we have photos of. It's been determined that the American supermodel is 94.35% correct in her physical appearance.

Bella Hadid'

The survey found that 92.44 percent of the queen's beauty traits were true. The multi-talented performer comes in at number four on our countdown. She's 41 years old now.


Ariana Grande

We've ranked the American performer, actor, and composer #5 on our list. According to Phi, she saw a 91.81% improvement in her appearance. The 29-year-vocal old's range is said to extend over four octaves.

Taylor Swift

Taylor, a singer, songwriter, and actor, is blessed with stunning eyes and a really attractive face. Taylor, who is well-known for her many skills, is back with us and scored 91.64 percent.

Jourdan Dunn 

The British model achieved a score of 91.39 percent, which was sufficient to earn a spot on the list. It is well knowledge that the model had walked the Prada runway; she was the first black model to do so in the previous ten years.

Kim Kardashian

She is well-known in the media and is also a successful entrepreneur and socialite. On the attractiveness scale, she received a score of 91.28 percent.

Deepika Padukone

The beauty index of the Golden Ratio determined that the most gorgeous Bollywood actresses had a score of 91.22 percent. She was born in India and is now one of the country's highest-paid actresses. She is 36 years old.

HoYeon Jung

The actress and model from South Korea earned an 89.63 percent score, qualifying her for inclusion on the list. You have to be familiar with her from the popular series Squid Games.