Monitoring Made Simple: Blood Test Breakthrough

मॉनिटरिंग सुनिश्चित की आसानी रक्त परीक्षण अभिवृद्धि

Irsa Wiginton A Postdoctoral Researcher At Queens University Cancer Research Institute Has Developed A Groundbreaking Blood Test For Monitoring Metastatic Breast Cancer

The Test Called A Liquid Biopsy Is Undergoing Its First Clinical Trial And Aims To Provide Oncologists With An Effective Way To Monitor Tumors And Personalize Treatment

Wigintons Work Has Earned Her The Mitacs Global Impact Entrepreneur Award And A 5000 Prize From Mitacs A Canadian Innovation Organization

The Blood Test Developed By Mdetect Inc Monitors Epigenetic Markers In Tumor Dna Using Nextgeneration Sequencing To Quantify Changes In Tumor Volume

The Test Works For All Subtypes Of Breast Cancer And Therapy Types Allowing Oncologists To Assess Treatment Response Within Four To Five Days Rather Than Waiting For Imaging Tests

The Fast Turnaround Time Helps In Making Informed Treatment Decisions And Improving The Quality Of Life For Patients

Mdetect Has Launched An Observational Clinical Study Involving 150 Metastatic Breast Cancer Patients And Aims To Obtain Health Canada And Fda Approvals Within Three Years

The Blood Test Integrates Seamlessly Into The Standard Care Of Patients And May Also Be Used To Detect Cancer Relapse

Irsa Wiginton Is One Of Five Winners Of The Mitacs Entrepreneur Award Recognized For Their Efforts To Turn Research Into Innovative Businesses Image Source Google

The Support Of Mitacs Has Helped Wiginton Develop Entrepreneurial Skills Alongside Her Scientific Expertise

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