Miss Elizabeth And Lex Luger: A Bond That Led To Tragedy

Miss Elizabeth And Lex Luger: A Bond That Led To Tragedy Read More

On May 1St 2003 The Wrestling World Mourned The Death Of Miss Elizabeth. She Was Just 42 Years Old When She Died In The Townhouse She Shared With Her Boyfriend Lex Luger. Read More

Here He Opens Up About The Events Surrounding The Death Of His Former Girlfriend And The Downfall That Sadly Followed. Read More

Liz Hulette Will Forever Be Tied To Her Professional And Personal Relationship With Randall Mario Poffo Better Known As Randy Savage. Read More

The Couple Got Divorced In August Of 1992 And Went Their Separate Ways After What Some Would Call A Sometimes Tumultuous Six-Year Marriage. Read More

In 1999 She Began Working On And Off With Lex Luger Until May 2000 When She Exited The Company And Never Made A Tv Appearance For Another Wrestling Promotion Again. Read More

Luger Believes That The Real Problems Started Soon Later.... Read More

Lex Luger: “I Take Responsibility For My Influence In Her Life. Her Little Heart And Body Couldn’T Take What I Was Doing.” Read More

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