Meng: Shocking Tales On Wrestling’S Toughest S.O.B.

Meng: Shocking Tales On Wrestling’S Toughest S.O.B. Read More

Meng [/Meɪn/G] Noun 1. A Four-Letter Word That Stands For Danger. 2. If Near High Risk Of Harm Or Injury; Risk; Peril. Read More

If The Name Meng Or Haku Doesn’T Ring A Bell Perhaps You Know Him Better By The Name Of Tonga Fifita Prince Tonga King Tonga Or King Haku. Read More

According To Many He Is The Most Terrifying Man In Wrestling Outside Of The Squared Circle! Read More

Meng On His Reputation Of Being The Toughest Man In The Locker Room "You Had To Make The People Believe In Wrestling For Us To Make Some Money." Read More

"I Would Put [Meng] Against Anybody In A Real Fight. He Could Kill Anybody -- This Guy'S A Killing Machine. Ask Anybody In Professional Wrestling 'Who'S The Toughest Motherf***Er You'Ve Ever Met?' It'S This Guy." Rick Martel: Read More

“Don’T Ever Think That Anybody Would Mess With Haku. If He Was A Young Guy And He Got Into Mma My God — He’D Have Done Everything! He Was The Toughest Son Of A B**** I’Ve Ever Met In My Whole Life. No Lie Take My Word For It.” Ric Flair: Read More

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