Matches That Left Wrestlers With Shocking Scars

Matches That Left Wrestlers With Shocking Scars

Wrestlers Sacrifice Their Bodies Every Time They Step Into The Ring And Unfortunately Injuries Do Occur. Here Are Ring Soldiers Who Left Matches With Shocking Permanent Scars. Learn More

Mick Foley On A Wcw Tour In 1994 Foley Then Known As Cactus Jack Went On To Lose His Ear Due To A Spot-Gone-Wrong. Learn More

Cody Rhodes "A Gruesome Cut Opened On The Grandson Of A Plumber ’S Face As He Valiantly Continued To Wrestle Through The Injury." Learn More

The Former King Of The Ring Has A Variety Of Markings – One Coming From Dean Ambrose In Fcw While Another Was Obtained In A Match With The Boogeyman. William Regal Learn More

Sa Bu Sabu Has Made A Legacy For Himself Through His Many Extreme In-Ring Spots — Some Moves Have Gone Horrifically Wrong. Learn More

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