Mad Dog Vachon: An Animal In (And Out!) Of The Ring

Mad Dog Vachon: An Animal In (And Out!) Of The Ring

Mad Dog Vachon'S Father Saw His Son’S Shootfighting Ability From A Young Age And Did Everything He Could To Foster His Son’S Skills And Aggression In A Positive Way.  That’S Not To Say There Weren’T Fights Along The Way! Read More

From Taking On Schoolboys To Discovering Professional Wrestling Off Of The Advice Of A Mafia Godfather Vachon'S Story Is Quite A Tale. Read More

The Life And Times Of Mad Dog Vachon Joseph Maurice Régis Vachon Best Known By His Ring Name Mad Dog Vachon Was A Canadian Professional Wrestler And 36-Year Veteran. He Was The Brother Of Wrestlers Paul And Vivian Vachon And The Uncle Of Wrestler Luna Vachon. Read More

An Exceptional Grappler And An Accomplished Freestyle Wrestler To Boot At Age 18 He Beat The Then-Champion Out Of India In 58 Seconds At The 1948 Olympics. Read More

In An Interview With Bobby "The Brain" Heenan He Shared Just How Short A Fuse Mad Dog Vachon Had! The Antics Of Mad Dog Vachon On The Road Read More

Bobby Heenan: "We Were In Denver One Night And Went Out To Eat. Mad Dog Is Sitting At The Table By Himself Not Bothering Anybody And Some Guy Sits Down With Him And Says ‘Maurice Mad Dog Vachon. Can I Talk To You For A Second?’ Read More

"Mad Dog Looks At Him And Says ‘You Are About To Make The Biggest Mistake Of Your Life!’" Read More

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