Lex Luger And The Failed Lex Express Experiment!

Lex Luger And The Failed Lex Express Experiment! Read More

Hulkamania Had Run Its Course And Vince Mcmahon Was On The Hunt For A New Hero Who Could Defy All Odds. Cue: Lex Luger And The Lex Express. Read More

In The 1980S The Onscreen Charisma Of Hulk Hogan And The Behind-The-Camera Creative Genius Of Vince Mcmahon Dominated The World Of Professional Wrestling. Read More

However As The Early ’90S Came Upon Us Things Started To Change. The Superhero Persona Of “The Hulkster” Began To Wear Thin. Read More

Meanwhile Down South In Wcw An Upper-Mid-Card/Semi-Main Event Talent Known For His Great Look Sought New Inspiration. Read More

A Decorated Champion For The Nwa And Jim Crockett Promotions Lex Luger Worked To Get His Release From Wcw In Early 1992 With A View Of Joining Vince Mcmahon In Connecticut. Read More

Oh How It All Went Wrong! Read More

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