Kizarny: The Secret Story Of His Time In Wwe

Kizarny: The Secret Story Of His Time In Wwe Read More

From The Squared Circle To The Sights And Sounds Of The Carnival Replete With Fun Rides Happy People And A Bizarre Character By The Name Of Kizarny. Read More

Kizarny Was A Childhood Friend Of Adam Copeland (Edge) And Jason Reso (Christian) While Growing Up In Toronto. Read More

On October 10Th 2008 Fans Getting Their Friday Night Fix Of Wwe Smackdown Saw Their Points Of Reference Shift. Read More

“Weazelcome Teazo Theaze Ceazarnival” An Eccentric Unfamiliar Character Spoke On October 10Th 2008’S Episode Of Wwe Friday Night Smackdown. “Leazots Eazof Feazun. My Name Is Kizarny.” Read More

For Fans Who Found Themselves Asking “What The Heck Did That Guy Just Say?” Here Is A Quick Primer On The Magical Language Called Carny! Read More

“Carny” Also Known As “Ciazarn” Is A Special “Cant” (Linguistic Term For A “Private Language”). Ciazarn Eventually Migrated Into Wrestling Hip Hop And Other Parts Of Modern Culture. Read More

Kizarny Would Debut In Wwe In An Auspicious But Just Five Months Later He Would Be Gone From The Company. Oh How It All Went Wrong! Read More

Swipe Up To Read The Shocking Story In Full! Read More

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