Keke Palmer Defies Critics: Heartwarming Instagram Video Celebrates Motherhood

द्वारा नंदिनी शर्मा केक पाल्मर कर्त्तव्यों का विरोध करती है दिल को छूने वाला इंस्टाग्राम वीडियो मातृत्व का जश्‍न मनाता है

Keke Palmer The Actress And Singer Has Shared A Video On Instagram Showcasing Herself And Her Son Leo

Jackson Had Expressed His Dissatisfaction With Palmer Wearing Revealing Clothing While Being A Mother In A Series Of Tweets

Palmers Instagram Post Showcased Her Singing To Her Son And Included Pictures Of Them Spending Quality Time Together

She Also Announced New Merchandise With The Slogans Im A Motha And Stevie To The Bulls In Her Online Store

Jackson Temporarily Deactivated His Social Media Accounts And Removed Posts Featuring Palmer

Usher Who Performed With Palmer At The Concert In Question Commented On Her Post In Support

The Couple Joyfully Welcomed Their Son Leo In February And Palmer Had Previously Shared Details About Her Relationship With Jackson On The Tamron Hall Show

පුරසාර්වත්ත පුහුණු නික්මි ම්ක්‍රේපෙන්සන් 51 තෙක් මීට අවවාදයක් ලබාගත්යි උපදෙස් ඇන්ඩ් ක්ලික් කලාපුවාදී එවා හැරුණු ප්‍රතිමා කිරීමට පත් වනුයේ ලැබීයි තවදුරටත් වැඩිකරගත්යි වැඩි වේලාව පහම් මෙම පිටුව වෙත ඔබට දැනුවත් වෙයි