Kamala: Secret Tale Of Wwe Woes, Poor Pay, And Treatment

Kamala: Secret Tale Of Wwe Woes Poor Pay And Treatment Read More

Approaching The Ring Wearing An African Mask Barefoot With Nothing But War Paint And A Loincloth With A Spear And Shield The Ugandan "Headhunter" Kamala Was An Imposing Presence In The Ring. Read More

Kamala On The Origins Of His Ring Name: "I Had Started Doing [The Kamala Character] In England. When I Came Back To The United States Jerry Lawler And Jerry Jarrett Came Up With The Name ‘Kimala.’" Read More

Kamala: "I Think That Ninety Percent Of The People Liked It But There Were Some Who Were Against A Big Black Man Acting So Stupid And Having A White Manager." Read More

Did You Know? According To Kamala Wwe Paid The Undertaker Approximately $500000 For His Match Against Him At Survivor Series 1992 While Kamala Only Made $10000. Read More

Kamala: "When I Was In Wwe I Didn’T Make Any Money. I Have No Beef With Vince. Vince Always Was Nice And Kind To Me. But In Terms Of The Pay-Offs I Think The Wwe Was Disgusting." The Hardships Kamala Faced In Wwe Read More

The Real-Life James Harris Couldn’T Have Been More Of A Gentle Soul Outside It. This Begs The Question: Did His Kind Nature Lead To Him Being Taken Advantage Of In Wwe? Read More

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