Jim Johnston: The Man Behind Legendary Wwe Theme Songs

Jim Johnston: The Man Behind Legendary Wwe Theme Songs Read More

Jim Johnston Is Responsible For The Signature Sounds Of Many Of Wwe’S Biggest Superstars Over The Years. Yet Somehow He Has Managed To Stay Out Of The Limelight Over The Years. Read More

In 1985 Jim Johnston Was Living In Connecticut Where He Would Regularly Visit His Favorite Restaurant. Read More

One Of The Regulars He Frequently Bumped Into Was Brian Penry An Art Director For Wwe At The Time. Read More

Penry Explained That Vince Mcmahon Was Looking For Him To Produce A Video For Cable Tv Big Wigs And Asked Johnston If He Would Be Willing To Help Contribute Some Music For The Project. Johnston Obliged. Read More

Vince Being Very Happy With Johnston’S Work Arranged A Time For The Two To Meet. Read More

This Meeting Would Mark The Beginning Of A 32-Year Tenure With Wwe (And A Disappointing Departure In 2017...) Read More

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