Jake Roberts In Wcw: Money, Grudges, And Ruin

Jake Roberts In Wcw: Money Grudges And Ruin Read More

Read More With His Eerily Soft Cold Tone And Pet Snake By His Side Jake Roberts Captured Wrestling Fans’ Attention In The ’80S And ’90S.

However Jake Roberts Was Dissatisfied By 1992. Read More

Roberts Was Set To Face The Still Relatively New Undertaker At Wrestlemania Viii And A Win For The “Dead Man” Would Have Further Cemented Him As A Truly Unstoppable Force In The Company. Read More

Roberts Cleanly And Decisively Put Over The Undertaker Becoming The Second Victim In His Storied Streak. Here He Made Taker Look Like A Megastar On His Way Out Of The Company. Read More

Being A Massive Name From The Wwf Jake Roberts Was Signed To Rival Company Wcw In 1992 By Then-President Kip Frye. Read More

His Feuds With “Macho Man” Randy Savage Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat And “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase Stand The Test Of Time. Read More

“The Snake” However Was Never Regarded With Such Status In Wcw. Read More

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