Is Victoria Beckham Richer Than David Beckham?

Is Victoria Beckham Richer Than David Beckham

The Beckhams Are Considered To Be Icons From The Soccer Fraternity

A Record Has Been Set By The Couple Of Being Amongst The Richest Couples In The World

It Was Shocking For Some Netizens To Know That Victoria Has Had Such Great Income

Victoria Beckham Was A Member Of The Spice Girls

The Luxurious Brand Has Costly Products Because It Is A Niche Market

Victoria Beckhams Clothing Business Has Had Great Success That Has Helped Her Become One Of The Wealthiest Female Entrepreneurs In The World

David Is One Of The Best Footballers Of His Generation And He Has Signed Deals Worth Millions

Sources Believe That The Couples Net Worth Is The Same As Their Capital Which Is 450 Million