Instagram Threads App Has 30M Users, Zuckerberg Says Of Twitter Rival

Metas Threads App Garnered Over 30 Million Signups In Less Than 24 Hours Discover More

Celebrities And Social Media Stars Were Attracted To Threads Generating Significant Excitement Discover More

Mark Zuckerberg Aims To Strengthen Metas Ads Business And Rival Tiktok Learn More

Threads Capitalizes On Textbased Social Media And Elon Musks Twitter Tenure Learn More

Challenges Faced By Threads Encompass User Retention And Meeting The Expectations Of Power Users Discover More

Threads Operates In A Similar Manner To Twitter Yet It Does Not Offer Certain Functionalities Such As Direct Messaging Discover More

Meta Plans To Incorporate Search And Website Features To Enhance The Experience Of Threads Find Out More

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