Hollywood's Top 10 Wealthiest Stars

Dwayne Johnson

(Net Worth: $800 Million)

The Rock! From wrestling to acting to philanthropy, Dwayne Johnson knows how to catapult his fame. Today he is the fourth richest actor in the business.

Amitabh Bachchan

(Net Worth: $455 Million)

Bollywood actor, film producer, television host, occasional playback singer and former politician has built an empire. Bachchan has a stake in various companies in the tech field.

Clint Eastwood

(Net Worth: $375 Million)

The famed actor and director has been working since the 1950´s. Eastwood along with a vast movie career also owns real estate in the United States and his net worth for 2023 is $375 million.

Keanu Reeve

(Net Worth: $380 Million)

The Matrix star has earned substantially during his career and off screen owns a production company as well as a motorcycle company. Reeves is known for working with charities and giving donations.

Jennifer Lopez

(Net Worth: $400 Million)

The actress, dancer, singer, and businesswoman, Jennifer Lopez has done it all and continues to do it all. Lopez does a lot of charitable work, and her business interests will net her $400 million.

Tyler Perry

(Net Worth: $1 Billion)

Tyler Perry is the one-billion-dollar man, his net worth comes from acting, writing, producing, and real estate. Perry signature is virtually on everything if you look closely enough.

Mark Wahlberg

(Net Worth: $400 Million)

The Boogie Nights actor has made a fortune on the big screen and has become an investor in various ventures from restaurants, a professional cricket team, tequila, and racing.

Kevin Hart

(Net Worth: $450 Million)

The comedian Kevin Hart has built an amazing career for himself. Hart’s stand-up specials are the hottest tickets in town for any comedy club goer.

Jerry Seinfeld

(Net Worth: $950 Million)

The actor and comedian continues to rake it in from the syndication of his hit series Seinfeld, to many the best sitcom of all time. Seinfeld also has deals with Netflix, stand up specials, and real estate.

Mel Gibson

(Net Worth: $425 Million)

Controversial director and actor Mel Gibson has done hits like the Lethal Weapon series and films like the Passion of The Christ. Gibson is also a property investor owning real estate in California and Costa Rica among other countries.


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