Hamlin Collapsed: Monday Night Football

The Episode Of "Monday Night Football" During Which Hamlin Passed Out Had The Highest Viewership In Espn History.

Preliminary Ratings Indicate That The Nfl Match Between The Cincinnati Bengals And Buffalo Bills

Which Had To Be Postponed In The First Quarter After Bills Safety Damar Hamlin Collapsed

On The Field Due To A Cardiac Arrest

Was The Most Watched "Monday Night Football" Broadcast In Espn History Averaging 23.8 Million Viewers

According To Nielsen From Roughly 8:30 P.M. Until 10:09 P.M .

The Show Averaged 23788000 Viewers On Abc Espn And Espn2

He Large Crowd Surpasses The Previous Record Of 21.8 Million Viewers For A Packers-Vikings Game In 2009

Making It The Most Watched "Monday Night Football" Broadcast Since The Nfl Relocated The Series To Espn In 2006

The High-Profile Game On Monday However Was Called Off After Hamlin Passed Out In The First Quarter

Soon After Bengals Wide Receiver Tee Higgins Was Tackled In The Open Field

On The Field Hamlin'S Heartbeat Was Revived And He Is Now In Serious Condition At A Hospital In Cincinnati

Nielsen Figures Show That Espn Averaged 21.1 Million Viewers While The Game Was In Progress

When Espn Broadcast News Coverage Of Hamlin'S Breakdown From 9 To 10:15 P.M.

That Number Increased To 23.9 Million Viewers.