Dave Bautista $100,000 Fine

Pro Wrestling Stories Dave Bautista: The $100K Fine For Defying Vince Mcmahon Read Full Story

In 2008 Wwe Made An Era-Defining Switch To Pg From Tv-14. Fans Had Strong Opinions On This Shift As Did The Wrestlers Including The Heavyweight Champion. In An Act Of Defiance Dave Bautista Went Against The Rules Set By His Boss Vince Mcmahon. Read Full Story

With Blading (The Practice Of Intentionally Cutting Oneself Or An Opponent During A Match To Provoke Bleeding) Now Off The Docket Bautista Knew There Would Be Some Challenges In Telling A Story With The Same Kind Of Violence As Before. Read Full Story

“This Was A Point Where We Weren’T Shedding Blood Anymore” Bautista Began. “We Were Pg And That Didn’T Make Any Sense To Me. I Didn’T Want To Hear That Especially When There’S A Title Match Involved." Read Full Story

“I Knew We Weren’T Supposed To Do It. I Knew I Would Get Consequences But I Didn’T Think They’D Be As Harsh As They Were.” Read His Full Statement At The Link Below Read Full Story

While Dave Baultista Received A $100000 Fine Jericho Mike Chioda And Dean Malenko Were Also Fined. But What Dave Did In Regards To Their Fines Was Surprising To Some. Read Full Story

Bautista’S Issues With The Pg Programming Continued And He Would Leave Wwe Shortly Thereafter In 2010. Read Full Story

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