Bruno Sammartino And Vince Mcmahon’S Venomous 25

Bruno Sammartino And Vince Mcmahon’S Venomous 25-Year Feud Read More

It’S No Secret. Bruno Sammartino And Vince Mcmahon Did Not Like One Another For Many Years. This Animosity Kept "The Living Legend" Away From Wwe For Years. Read More

This Created Quite A Tense Moment When The Two Of Them Were Left Alone Behind Closed Doors For The Very First Time In Over 25 Years Before 2013’S Wwe Hall Of Fame Ceremony. Read More

In A 1991 Interview Bruno Sammartino Remarked: "I’M Hoping Some Wrestling-Minded People Will Come Back Into The Scene And Perhaps Start Back From Basics" ... Read More

... "Get Some Good-Looking Athletes Get Away From The Steroid Crap And Painted Faces." Read More

Bruno Sammartino: "I Don’T Care For Steve Austin Because Of His Mouth.  He Is A Very Very Vulgar Individual And Anybody Who Is Like That I Can Never Be A Fan Of!" Read More

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