Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, And Their Shocking Backstage Fight!

Brock Lesnar Chris Jericho And Their Shocking Backstage Fight! Read More

Brock Lesnar Had Just Won His Main Event Match Against Randy Orton Though In A Way Nobody Saw Coming — An Elbow To The Head Delivered By Lesnar Which Busted Up Orton The Hard Way. Read More

The Match Was Stopped And Lesnar Was Declared The Winner While Orton Remained A Bloody Mess. As Chaotic As That Sounds It Doesn’T End There. Read More

Chris Jericho Was Unaware That Lesnar’S Devastating Elbow Strike — One That Left Randy Orton With A Legitimate Concussion — Was The Planned Finish To The Match. Read More

This Prompted Chris Jericho To Approach Brock Lesnar Backstage Leading To An Altercation Between The Two Men. Read More

Chris Jericho: "Listen Lets Make No Bones About This. Brock Is A Trained Fighter And He’S A Beast But I’M Not The Type Of Person To Back Down From Anybody." Read More

Enzo Amore: "Jericho Got Into Gorilla Position And Flipped Out Causing A Fight Between Brock And Vince Mcmahon!" Read More

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