Britney Spears Reveals Shocking Assault Involving Nba Star

Britney Spears Opened Up About Shocking Assault That Nba Star Victor Wembanyama Was Involved In

Britney Spears Spoke Out About An Alleged Assault By Victor Wembanyama Sparking A Debate On The Treatment Of Public Figures

Spears Wanted To Congratulate Wembanyama But Ended Up Being Attacked By A Security Guard

A Forceful Backhand From His Security Guard Left Wembanyamas Glasses Knocked Off

A Person Is Grabbed From Behind By A Security Guard As He Walks Down A Hallway

Spears Denies Grabbing Wembanyama Clarifying That She Only Tapped His Shoulder To Extend Her Victory

Spears Criticized The Security Guards Behavior Because Of Her Frequent Encounters With Fans

The Police Responded To The Incident But No Arrests Or Citations Were Made

Spears Shares Her Story To Shed Light On Physical Violence And Calls For Respect For All Victims